Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival

Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival is an inspiring guide for film festival organisers all over the world, edited by Movies that Matter, together with One World in Czech Republic and FiSahara in the Sahrawi refugee camps in Algeria. Written by festival organisers from around the world, this handbook focuses on the needs and challenges of festivals that are sprouting all over the developing world and those in countries where democratic systems are still emergent or non-existent.

Available free downloads of Setting Up a Human Rights Film Festival:

While drawing on some common experiences to all human rights film festivals, the manual does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, its pages offer a varied tapestry of stories about festivals that face vastly different realities around the world: from rural communities in Sierra Leone and Bolivia to urban settings in Jordan and Malaysia. The book offers first-hand experiences and lessons learned on the many tasks needed for a successful festival including fundraising, overcoming logistical problems, approaching new audiences that are unfamiliar with film, dealing with censorship and security threats.

To provide organisers of existing and emerging human rights film festivals with the necessary know-how in as many countries as possible, we published several editions of this guide. In 2015, we released the first edition of the manual in English. Moreover, a Spanish translation has been launched. In 2017, an Arabic translation of the handbook was published, and finally in November 2019, we also published a French translation.