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November: Total Trust

Total Trust takes a visceral look at digital control in China where unprecedented levels of state surveillance prevail through trust, fear, obedience and resistance. It aims to explore the changes of social behaviors caused by an all-seeing society and finds its lasting power in the people who are fighting against the abuse of state power.

December: Freda

Powerful, vibrant drama about young Haitian Freda. She simply wants to live a peaceful and fulfilling life, but in her violent and corrupt country that isn’t easy. Her boyfriend Yeshua wants her to live abroad with him. But shouldn’t she stay and fight for her family and country?

Januari: Deep Rising

To power the green economy, a new frontier is found for extracting minerals: the deep sea. But mining the ocean floor may have enormous unforeseen consequences. And who really owns the deep sea anyway? With amazing, otherworldly images, and fantastically narrated by Jason Momoa (AquamanGame of Thrones).

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On Tour is looking for new committee members

Are you interested in films about a just and sustainable world and do you enjoy organising cultural events? The Movies that Matter On Tour volunteer groups are looking for new committee members (2-4 hours a week).

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