Shorts Competition

Seven films from the program have a chance to win the new Shorts Award, including € 1,500 prize money. The shorts programme is made possible by HUMAN.



Beast portrays the life of a secret agent in the times of the Chilean military dictatorship. Her relationship with her body, her fears, her frustrations, and her dog reflect the ominous fractures in her homeland and her own consciousness. The use of porcelain dolls, wool and paper create a beautiful vulnerable animatio...

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Freedom Swimmer

In Freedom Swimmer vertelt een man aan zijn kleindochter over zijn mislukte pogingen te vluchten van het Chinese Vasteland naar Hong Kong in de jaren 1970. Deze tijden worden gekenmerkt door de Culturele Revolutie en vele conflicten, wat tot op de dag van vandaag invloed heeft op de Chinese samenleving. Het risico om g...

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Love, Dad

Diana finds letters her dad wrote her fifteen years ago when he was in prison. The short documentary consists of beautiful collages with images, drawings and pieces of paper that retrace the time of her life when her dad was still present. Diana reflects on what happened in the past and writes her father a letter. This...

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17-year-old Catalina and belongs to an indigenous community in Mexico where it is a tradition to prove your purity on your wedding day. When this moment arrives for Calatina, her body betrays her and she fails to demonstrate her chastity. This leads her to lose her chance of acceptance and respect by both her husband a...

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My Uncle Tudor

Filmmaker Olga Lucovnicova returns to her grandparents' home in Moldova where she meets with her family. At this family gathering, she is confronted with her uncle Tudor who abused her there several times at a young age. She films both the family reunion and the dialogues in which Olga confronts her uncle. These images...

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Techno, Mama

Nikita lives in Lithuania but wants to pursue his "techno dream" in bustling Berlin and visit the famous techno club "Berghain". However, his dreams are repressed by his mother who mentally and physically abuses him and knows nothing about his desires to leave. Techno, Mama sheds light on child abuse, a problem that is...

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Warsha follows a day in the life of Mohammad, a Syrian migrant who works as a crane operator in Beirut, Lebanon. From the moment he wakes up in a room full of other migrants, he never finds a moment of rest on his own. When he volunteers to cover a shift on one of the most dangerous lifting cranes, he finally finds a w...

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Emilia Mazik (Chair)

Emilia Mazik is a freelance film programmer. Since 2014 she has worked for Short Waves Festival, an international short film festival from Poznań, Poland, from 2019 as a Festival Director. In 2020 she joined the editorial team of Talking Shorts, an online film magazine dedicated to short films. In 2021, as a representative of the European Short Film Network, she was among the founders of the This Is Short platform.

Kees Vlaanderen

Kees Vlaanderen is commissioning editor at HUMAN of many prize-winning productions, both feature films and documentaries: Along the Way, The Car Wash, Homicide, Skin and many others. He conceived the series Devilish Dilemmas, short films (45'), by committed filmmakers. As a director and writer, he also made distinctive films, both fiction and documentary films, including Jacob’s Desire, Noordeloos, Cell Block K, Farmer Kok’s Little War, It is your Country, The Kremlin Conspiracy, Facing the Wind.

Manu Sobral

Manu Sobral is a Brazilian filmmaker, producer, writer and curator. She is the co-founder and curator of Entretodos, the human rights short film festival of São Paulo. She directed several shorts, music videos and docs, including the Unesco "Monumenta" awarded Teu Canto de Praia, a documentary about traditional instruments from the tropical forest in Brazil. She is the author of the novel Stranger in a Cage.