D’art Duvar Limited Edition Yol Poster & Postcards

The exclusive Yol poster and postcards are designed by the graphic designer Gökhan Yeter of D’art Duvar. As art director, Yeter has left his mark on numerous creative projects, emphasizing the power of simplicity in his designs. This style is evident in his film posters. 

With D’art Duvar, Yeter has one mission: to breathe new life into his beloved masterpieces by creating new, international film posters. Created in an “arthouse” atmosphere, these posters hope to be discovered by a new audience. 

In honor of the Kurdish director Yilmaz Güney and his film Yol, whose restored version will be showcased during the festival, this poster has been crafted. The postcards feature various images from the film, available for individual purchase or as a set of 5. 

Yilmaz Güney directed Yol while imprisoned under the military regime of Turkey in the 1980s. The restored version YOLThe Full Version, created by Şerif Gören, will be screened exclusively on Monday, March 24, at 8:00 PM in Filmhuis Den Haag. 

Discover more about Gokhan Yeter at dartduvar.com or follow @dartduvar on Instagram. Be sure to check out his unique exhibition here at Theater aan het Spui.