Zenzy Blindeling x MtMF23

Limited edition MtMF23 t-shirts and tote bags screen-printed with an illustration by Zenzy Blindeling. 

Zenzy Blindeling is 22 and a freelance illustrator and animator. In 2021, she graduated as a designer from AKV St Joost in Breda with her project The Missing Pages, a clothing line through which she aims to teach people more about black art history. Items from this collection have since ended up in various countries and territories, including Suriname and the US. In late 2022, she appeared with the blouses from her collection in Clarice Gargard’s documentary, Ga terug en haal het (Go Back and Get It). She is mainly concerned with social themes. She draws her inspiration from (art) history, fashion and the subcultures around her. We asked her to create an illustration especially for this edition of our festival, in line with the theme of our campaign from MtMF23: connect. Because we believe that meeting and connecting is more important than ever in these times and we want to contribute to this with our festival and films.

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