17 short films have been selected for the Shorts competition. The shorts are programmed in four different thematic blocks:

Facing the Past

Dealing with the past is often a complex journey. Dreaming, remembering, imagining and reflecting can be an individual analysis or a collective pilgrimage. Such explorations may lead to a new understanding of the present.


Human Nature

After millions of years of development, humans have become the only animals not abiding by the rules of nature. For centuries, we have used technology and scientific development to master its properties and bend its rules. But nature finds its way.


Political Bodies

Politics are embodied in every aspect of our day to day, they control our bodies, our movements, our lives. The choices we have, the ones we (are allowed to) make and the outcomes we get are strictly linked to the vessel we are in. Bodies are political tools.


Wind of Resistance

curated together with Go Short

Our thoughts, words and actions can become tools for political resistance. Those fighting against injustice have risk(ed) their safety and wellbeing for a fairer world. Their stories are carried by the wind of time and reverberate through eternity.