Twenty short films have been selected for the Shorts programme. The shorts are programmed in themed blocks and can be seen daily in Filmhuis Den Haag or online on demand throughout the festival period. Seven films from the program also have a chance to win the new Shorts Award including € 1,500 prize money. The short programme is made possible by HUMAN.

Small Acts of Rebellion

in collaboration with Go Short

As long as there is a critical thought in the world, acts of rebellion will keep being enacted. The films in this programme show some of these (small) acts. They aim at opposing state surveillance, patriarchy, oppression, and war to protect justice and freedom in the largest sense.


Facing the Past

Protagonists look old wounds straight in the eyes in the short films of Facing the Past. They confront their past to seek for closure and pursue new beginnings. The shorts tell stories of both victims and perpetrators through different genres (animation, documentary, fiction). Through flashbacks, re-enactments, or direct encounters with their demons, or victims the viewer gets to know the characters.


The Fire Within

The short films in The Fire Within portray the pursuit of freedom in many different ways. The protagonists find liberty by leaving an abusive relationship, an oppressive state, or by making the space to express ones own sexuality, identity and desires.


Through the Eyes of Others

The short films in Through the Eyes of Others reflect on how individuals are perceived from the outside and how this, in turn, reflects on them. Arguably the eyes of society influence the way we act, reflect upon ourselves, shape our identities, and even our memories.