Twenty-five short films have been selected for this year’s short programme. The short films are divided into 5 different thematic blocks:

Facing the Past

Dealing with the past is often a complex journey. Dreaming, remembering, imagining and reflecting can be an individual analysis or a collective pilgrimage. Such explorations may lead to a new understanding of the present.


Glimpses into Others’ Lives

The realisation that every stranger we meet in the street has a life as complex as ours can be staggering. How would it feel to follow them for one day? What would we learn about them and about ourselves if we could do that?


Growing Pains

Developing our sense of identity can clash with the difference in beliefs, perspectives and expectations of our parents. Often we can move on together with a new understanding of each other, other times we are bound to the choices they make for us. Or for themselves.


The Memory of Water

in samenwerking met Go Short

Water is life. It flows relentlessly, carrying the memories of the past and a premonition for the future. As the climate changes, the absence or abundance of water becomes more and more crucial for the preservation –  or the destruction – of living beings. How can we cope with the aftermath of our changing environments?


Through the Eyes of Others

The point of view in which a story is told influences our experience of it. Similarly, the way we look at or are looked at by others is shaped by our own perception. Sometimes seeing reality through the eyes of others can allow new perspectives to emerge.