Take on Future

What challenges await us in the future? The films in Take on Future dive into various issues, from the realities of climate change to the risks of AI.

As the Tide Comes In

Juan Palacios

Immersive documentary about the way the 27 inhabitants of the Danish Wadden Sea island Mandø deal with the realities of climate change. Farmer Gregers, 99-year old Mie and birdwatcher Niels refuse to leave, although the very existence of their 8-square-kilometer island is at stake.

Eternal You

Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck

Start-ups are using AI to create avatars that allow relatives to talk with their deceased loved ones. An exploration of a profound human desire and the consequences of turning the dream of immortality into a product. However, such technological progress may also come at a real human cost.

Lonely Oaks

Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl, Jens Mühlhoff

A journey deep into the German climate activists’ world. In 2018, film student Steffen Meyn died in a tragic accident during a police raid in Hambach Forest. How far can and may activism go?

Samuel and the Light

Vinícius Girnys

Young Samuel lives in Ponta Negra, Brazil, whose inhabitants have been living without electricity for centuries. They lead an idyllic life, following the rhythm of nature. When the project ‘Light for All’ arrives, everything changes.