Volunteer Roles

In the registration form you can indicate which roles suit you and why. We do our best to put you in the best role for you.  

See all available volunteer roles in alphabetical order in the dropdown menu below. 

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Available Volunteer Roles A-Z

  • Assistant Volunteer Reception

    Wed 20 to Sat 30 March in The Hague  

    For during the festival, we are looking for assistants to welcome volunteers on site.   

    Tasks: You will manage the volunteer desk and be available for a large part of the festival days -and evenings- to receive your fellow volunteers, direct them to the right place and brief them, or link them to the location managers. You manage the crew catering volunteers and ensure a nice gathering place for volunteers and crew.   

    Skills: you have good communication skills, can manage and delegate well, are hospitable and love working with lots of nice people.   

    Extra: are you interested in this position? Then it would be great if you can be present on the construction days (Wednesday 20 and/or Thursday 21 March).  

    After completing the application form, please send a short motivation to vrijwilligers@moviesthatmatter.nl. 

  • Box Office & Information Desk

    Fri 22 to Sat 30 March in The Hague   

    This team is responsible for ticket sales, merchandise sales and providing information during the festival. For this position, we are looking for employees who are handy with computers and ticket sales systems, and who enjoy working in a customer-oriented way.   

    Audiences and guests come to the ticket and information desk with questions about the festival and everything that goes with it. In addition, the information desk is a meeting place for hosts, the attendants of our guests and moderators. The desk is also used at some times to welcome guests for premieres and other special programmes.    

     Tasks: you will be the face of the festival, speaking to guests and visitors to the festival. You provide information to visitors where necessary and welcome guests. You handle ticket sales on location during the festival. You inform visitors and guests and answer their questions. 

    Skills: you are representative, communicative, service-oriented and have a good command of the Dutch and English languages. You are interested in the festival guests and visitors, and read up on the festival, the films and the in-depth programme beforehand. You are also handy with computer and cash register systems. 

  • Builders & Breakers

    Tue 19 to Thu 22 March in The Hague 
    Sat 30 and Sun 31 March in The Hague 

    We are looking for builders and breakers for the assembly and disassembly of the festival. Do you like to roll up your sleeves and work hard? Then this is the right job for you.   

    Tasks: you build counters, assemble exhibits and help set up the various festival areas.  

    Skills: you are handy and like to work with your hands and get things done.  

    Extra: please note when filling in your availability that this position mainly applies before and after the festival. If you indicate this as your preferred function, it is therefore handy if you are available in The Hague during the day from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 22 March and on Saturday (evening) 30 and Sunday 31 March. 

  • Car Service

    Wed 20 March to Mon 1 April in The Hague  

    Tasks: the car service drivers take care of transporting our guests, staff and, where necessary, other transport before, during and after the festival. You bring guests to and from Schiphol Airport in your own car or a rental car, and take care of transporting materials to and from Amsterdam.    

    Skills: you have a driving licence with at least 3 years’ driving experience. You are flexibly deployable, representative and service-oriented, can get up early and have a great sense of responsibility. You transport international guests so it is useful if you speak English. In connection with the sometimes early or late working hours and being on call flexibly, you preferably live in The Hague or nearby. It is nice, but not necessary, if you have your own car at your disposal.  

    Extra: the car service role cannot be combined with other volunteer roles. You can of course visit films for free after your shifts with your Crew Pass. Working hours for drivers differ from regular festival working hours. A separate schedule will be made by the transport coordinators. 

  • Crew Catering

    Wed 20 March to Mon 1 April in The Hague  

    Tasks: during the festival you will provide your fellow volunteers, MtMF24 crew members and festival guests with a delicious lunch, snacks, drinks and help the caterer with dinner. You keep an eye on the lunch and snack stock, and keep the space cosy and tidy. You will always do this together with one or two other volunteers. Are you assigned between 17:00 – 21:00? Then you will help the caterers with dinner: keeping the dinner list up to date, serving drinks on the tables, tidying up in between and cleaning where necessary.  

    Skills: you are communicative, hospitable, service-oriented and like an organised space. Some hospitality experience is of course nice but not necessary! 

  • Host

    Sat 23 to Sat 30 March in The Hague 

    Tasks: you will accompany moderators and guests who come to give an introduction or follow-up talk to a film. You receive the guests prior to the film. You pick up tickets at the festival desk and facilitate the preliminary discussion between moderators and guests, making sure everyone gets to the film on time.   

    Skills: you have a good command of Dutch and English (multiple languages would be an advantage), you are representative and not shy, hospitable and a good timekeeper.   

    Extra: for this position, we like to work with people who already have some experience with the festival.   

    Are you interested in this position? Then send a short motivation to vrijwilligers@moviesthatmatter.nl after completing the application form.  

    NB: In addition to host, always indicate a second preferred role!   

  • Office

    Mon 11 March to Wed 20 March in Amsterdam 

    Tasks: you will help with festival preparations at the Movies that Matter office in Amsterdam. Among other things, you make the festival passes and help send out the festival newspapers.   

    Skills: you like office work, are service-oriented and proactive.  

    Extra: when filling in your availability, keep in mind that this work takes place prior to the festival. If you indicate this as your preferred role, we need you to be available in the period between Mon 11 and Wed 20 March in Amsterdam. 


  • Runner

    Fri 22 to Sat 30 March    

    The runner is present for a day shift or an evening shift to be deployed for whatever is needed at the time.  

    Tasks: you help, for example, with fetching lunch and maintaining the staff room. You alternate volunteers who go on break, are deployed for the audience award at busy times. You will be deployed for small changeover moments, and other tasks as needed at the time.  

    Skills: you are flexible, patient and service-oriented. Due to the varying workload, it would be preferable for you to be in reasonable physical condition. 

     Extra: keep in mind that the rush is very variable. Take it as a good sign when you have nothing to do, everything will go according to plan. Do be prepared for quiet moments and take a book with you, for example. 

  • Screening Attendant (FULL)

    Fri 22 to Sat 30 March    

    As a screening attendant, you will be responsible for ticket control and audience flow.  

    Tasks: you will scan entrance tickets, escort guests to their seats, help set up supplies for the follow-up talks taking place in the auditorium and clean up the auditorium afterwards. At times, you will assist at workshops and other events of the festival. During the walk-out of (a selection of) screenings, you will conduct the digital audience award survey.   

    Skills: you are representative and communicative, like to act quickly and have a good overview. You can be strict when necessary and have a good command of the English language.  

    Extra: you will receive extensive explanation and scan training by the location manager prior to your first shift. In addition, this year we are working for the first time with online voting for the audience award on an iPad. You will also receive an explanation of this in advance.