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Volunteer Roles

In the registration form you can indicate which roles suit you and why. We do our best to put you in the best role for you. We do ask for your understanding for the fact that a lot is still subject to change in relation to the RIVM measures that will apply as of April.

See all roles in alphabetical order below:

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

16 – 25 April in The Hague

We are looking for someone who supports the volunteer coordinator before and during the festival with various activities. You will be scheduling the volunteers, helping to prepare the volunteer meeting, recruiting volunteers, manning the desk on location and guiding volunteers through the construction and breakdown of the festival.

Tasks: during the festival you will be present on location to welcome and manage the volunteers, and to connect volunteers with the location managers. When volunteers withdraw their registration, you look for a possible replacement. You keep the schedule up-to-date and fill gaps in shifts where necessary. You are also available for questions from the volunteers.

Competencies: you have good communication skills, you are hospitable, you have an organisational and logistics talent, you are solution-oriented, and you enjoy working with lots of great people!

Extra: keep in mind that you must be available full-time for this position during the festival, and for a few days in March and April during the preparations for the festival. Are you interested in this position? Send your CV or a short motivation to vrijwilligers@moviesthatmatter.nl after filling in the application form.

Builders / Art Department

16 – 25 April in The Hague

We are looking for strong helping hands for the construction and dismantling of the festival. Do you like to work out? Then this is the right job for you.

Tasks: set up counters, set up exhibitions, hang lamps, furnish spaces, decorate and dress up the festival location(s).

Competencies: you are creative and like to tackle things. If you can’t carry heavy loads that’s no problem, as there are plenty of other things to do!

Extra: keep in mind that this role mainly applies before and after the festival. If you indicate this as a preferred position, we will need you in any case from Tuesday 13 April to Friday 16 April and on Sunday 26 April in The Hague.

Car Service

subject to change / with reservation

Tasks: you transport our guests and employees during and after the festival, you do film transport and, if necessary, transport of small items.

Competencies: you have a driver’s license with at least 3 years of driving experience. You are flexible, representative and service-oriented. You have no trouble getting up early and you have a great sense of responsibility. A good command of the English language is a plus. Preferably you live in The Hague and surroundings. Owning your own car is a plus but not necessary.

Extra: in connection with the Coronavirus, we are not sure whether and how many people we need for the car service. We hope for your understanding when it turns out that we cannot schedule you after all.

Crew Catering

16 – 25 April in The Hague 

You work during a morning, afternoon or evening shift in the employee area.

Tasks: during the morning shift you help the caterer prepare and serve lunch. In the afternoon you provide coffee, tea and drinks. Are you working between 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM? Then you help the evening caterer with the dinner by checking the dinner list, providing drinks, or tidying up and cleaning up where necessary. You also keep an eye on the Covid-19 measures, whether people take the 1.5 meters distance into account and if the maximum number of people allowed in the room is reached. Together with the caterer and other volunteers you keep the space tidy during your shift.

Competencies: you are communicative, service-oriented, organised and hospitable.

Festival Desk

16 – 25 April in The Hague

This year we will set up a festival desk where we combine ticket sales, information provision, merchandise and the invitees desk. We are looking for flexible volunteers for this desk who are handy with computers and ticket sales systems, and who like to work in a customer-oriented way.

Tasks: you answer e-mails regarding ticket sales, man the telephone and take care of ticket sales during the festival on location. You inform visitors and guests and answer their questions, and you man the invitees desk.

Competencies: in this position you are the face of the festival, you are representative, communicative, service-oriented and you have a good command of the Dutch and English language. You are interested in the festival guests and visitors and you inform yourself about the films and the in-depth programme prior to the festival. In addition, computer and database skills are a plus.

Extra: you will receive a box-office training on Thursday 15 April by our ticket sales coordinator. Depending on the RIVM measures applicable at that time, this training takes place on location or online.

Flex Team

16 – 25 April in The Hague

As part of the flex team, you are present at set times to do what is needed.

Tasks: your tasks can vary each day, you get lunch and help to keep up the employee space. You may also be assigned to fetching flowers, handing out festival newspapers, help with small set-up and breakdown moments, and other tasks that are needed at that time.

Competencies: you are flexible, enthusiastic, patient and you are service-oriented. A good condition is useful given the various activities that can come your way.

Extra: keep in mind that the busy moments are very variable. When you have nothing to do, everything goes according to plan. Be prepared for quiet moments and take a book with you.

Office Work

1 – 14 April in Amsterdam

You help with the preparations in Amsterdam at the Movies that Matter office.

Tasks: you make festival passes, buy gifts for guests and wrap them, and you help with the mailing of the festival paper. You can also be deployed in the programme department or guest service.

Competencies: you like office work, are service-oriented and proactive

Extra: Please note that this role applies only prior to the festival. If you indicate this as a preferred position, we will need you in the period from 1 – 14 April in Amsterdam.

Online Ticket Pre-sales

1 – 14 April in Amsterdam

Online ticket sales for the festival will start on Thursday 1 April. You are in contact with our visitors via e-mail (and online chat) and help them with their questions regarding the purchase of tickets.

Tasks: you are available from April 1 – April 15 to check the mail twice daily in the morning and in the afternoon. You respond to questions from guests who want to buy festival tickets or forward these questions to the ticket sales coordinator if you cannot answer them.

Competencies: you are customer-oriented, you speak and write Dutch and English well, and you enjoy helping people. Experience with ticket sales at other festivals is a plus.

Extra: this role can be performed from home. You will receive a ticket sales training by our ticket sales coordinator Brigitte on Wednesday 31 March.

Screening Attendant

16 – 25 April in The Hague

As screening attendant you are responsible for the admission control and audience flow.

Tasks: you scan tickets using the scan app, you guide people to their seats, prepare supplies for Q&A’s, and tidying up the cinema afterwards. At times you help with workshops and other events of the festival.

Competencies: you are representative and communicative, you like to act quickly, and you can keep a good overview. You can be strict if necessary and have a good command of the English language.

Extra: you will receive an extensive explanation and scan training by the location manager prior to your first shift.

Service Desk Online Screenings

16 – 25 April in The Hague

This year, for the first time, the festival has an extensive online programme with films, workshops and specials.

Tasks: you speak to visitors via online chat and answer their technical questions about the online programme and how to stream films.

Competencies: you enjoy solving (technical / computer) problems, technical knowledge is a must!

Extra: this role is still developing. Are you already interested in this position? Please get in touch with vrijwilligers@moviesthatmatter.nl after filling in the registration form.

Technical Support

16 – 25 April in The Hague

For the preparations and during the festival, you are on stand-by for technical support.

Tasks: you help set up a VR cinema, converting cinemas or recording studios in between programmes and assist with other technical matters.

Competencies: you like to tackle things, are in good physical condition and have technical knowledge.

Extra: professional technicians are also present to guide you during the construction and dismantling processes. Are you interested in this position? Send your CV or a short motivation to vrijwilligers@moviesthatmatter.nl after filling in the application form.

VR Cinema

16 – 25 April in The Hague

During the festival you are responsible for the VR Cinema.

Tasks: you manage the registration lists of the VR Cinema and the inventory of the VR glasses. You explain the use of the VR glasses to visitors, and you are responsible for cleaning the glasses after / before each use.

Competencies: you are the face of the festival, you are representative, communicative, service-oriented and you have a good command of the Dutch and English language. Some technical knowledge is a plus.

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