Mama Bears

Daresha Kyi

What happens when your child is gay or transgender, while you believe with your whole heart that that’s a sin? Evangelical Christians Kimberly and Sara make a brave transition into loving ‘Mama Bears’. Meanwhile, young Tammi struggles with self-acceptance and with her own mother. Heart-warming documentary about love’s victory over hatred.  
They call themselves ‘Mama Bears’ and find each other on Facebook, at Pride rallies and everywhere LGBTQ+ people in the US need support. Sara and Kimberly are evangelical Christians whose foundations were shocked when their children turned out to be different than they thought. Sara’s son Parker came out as gay at 21. And when Kimberly’s child Kia told her in no uncertain terms that she wasn’t a boy but a girl, Kimberly was desperate. 
In the Facebook group Mama Bears they found they weren’t alone in struggling with their religious convictions. Now, both are fierce advocates for the queer community. Kimberly campaigns against the discriminatory Texas ‘Bathroom bill’, and Sara goes around the country giving out her beautiful Free Mom Hugs. Young lesbian Tammi, meanwhile, had a hard time accepting who she is, as has her mother. She even married a man to be ‘worthy of heaven’, demonstrating why the Mama Bears are so vitally important.  

Mama Bears has been part of the Activist competition 2023, with Sara Cunningham as a special guest of the festival. 


Daresha Kyi
Laura Tatham, Daresha Kyi
Country of production
United States
91 minutes
Spoken language
World Sales
The Film Collaborative