Eight inspiring documentaries about the work of human rights activists from all over the world. Meet the activists during our festival, where they engage with the public and participate in an impact and networking programme to raise awareness of the film, expand their work and network.

Activist Outreach

With our Activist Outreach programme, we support film screenings in the activists’ home country to raise awareness of the film and their work. You can find more information and an overview of the projects we have supported here.

The Activist programme is organised in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Nationale Postcode Loterij.


Category: Woman

Who decides when a human body is ‘normal’? The athletics federation bans women with higher natural testosterone levels from competing unless they medically alter their bodies. Examples of athletes from Asia and Africa show that this can have devastating consequences. Phyllis Ellis (Toxic Beauty) exposes an industry con...

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Esther & the Law

What does it take to go against a multinational? Esther Kiobel’s husband Barinem was one of the men executed in 1995 after revolting against Shell’s pollution of Ogoniland (Nigeria). Almost 25 years later, Esther takes Shell to court in the Netherlands.   ‘He was a peacemaker,’ Esther Kiobel says. She’s talking about h...

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The Flag

Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France declared the state of emergency. This set in motion an exit from the rule of law, with Muslims as the first, but not the only victims. Urgent, philosophical and visually interesting plea in defence of civil liberties and equality.  ‘I’m like a caged lion, constantly...

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Mama Bears

What happens when your child is gay or transgender, while you believe with your whole heart that that’s a sin? Evangelical Christians Kimberly and Sara make a brave transition into loving ‘Mama Bears’. Meanwhile, young Tammi struggles with self-acceptance and with her own mother. Heart-warming documentary about love’s ...

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Seven Winters in Tehran

The story of brave Iranian Reyhaneh Jabbari. At 19, Reyhaneh killed a man who threatened to rape her. Her death sentence can be revoked if the victim’s family forgives her. For Reyhaneh, it becomes a choice between her life and her values.  Reyhaneh Jabbari’s life was changed forever when the man with whom she thought ...

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A Story of Bones

Working for the constructor of an airport on Saint Helena, Namibian Annina Van Neel hears about the discovery of mass graves of formerly enslaved people on the island. When she starts fighting for an honourable resting place, she has to take on resistance, indifference and the persistent legacy of colonialism.   The sm...

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This Stolen Country of Mine

Two men fight against the growing and far-reaching Chinese influence in Ecuador. Paúl Jarrín leads the indigenous resistance against China’s plundering of Ecuador’s natural resources. Journalist Fernando Villavicencio exposes the government corruption that facilitates the Chinese economic takeover. In both cases, the s...

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While We Watched

Exciting and worrying look behind the scenes at Indian television news channel NDTV. A group of dedicated independent journalists work amid a frightening climate of nationalist extremism. At the heart is Ravish Kumar, a courageous and thoughtful journalistic giant, dealing with mounting obstacles and dangers.  ‘The Age...

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Annina Van Neel

Honouring buried lives
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Ravish Kumar

A voice for honest media 
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Paúl Jarrín Mosquera

Protecting indigenous soil 
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Sara Cunningham 

Pure Loving Mama 
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Payoshni Mitra

Champion of female athletes 
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Yasser Louati

Countering divisions in France 
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Esther Kiobel

Clearing her husband’s name 
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Shahrzad Jabbari

Honouring her sister’s heroic spirit
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