Eight inspiring documentaries about the work of human rights activists from all over the world. Meet the activists during our festival, where they engage with the public and participate in an impact and networking programme to raise awareness of the film, expand their work and network.

Activist Outreach

With our Activist Outreach programme, we support film screenings in the activists’ home country to raise awareness of the film and their work. You can find more information and an overview of the projects we have supported here.

The Activist programme is organised in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nationale Postcode Loterij and Amnesty International.


Bigger Than Us

Dutch-Indonesian environmental activist Melati (20) goes on a road trip, meeting young people who work for a better future. From Malawi to Brazil to Lebanon, young activists rise up for free speech, the environment, refugees and girls’ rights, and the right to education. Hopeful and inspirational. Melati Wijsen’s activ...

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Eternal Spring (長春)

The thrilling and emotional story of a group of Falun Gong practitioners who managed to shortly take over Chinese state TV. A story of immense bravery and life under totalitarian rule. Animation and documentary ingenuously combined with breathtaking result. ‘History has taught Chinese people a lesson,’ we hear at the b...

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Inspirational and often shocking account from within the 2019 protests against the Extradition Bill in Hong Kong. From the perspective of four very different, but equally determined young protesters, representing a generation willing to risk much in the battle for democracy. ‘You don’t persevere because you have hope,’...

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The Law of Love

Inside the long battle to open up marriage to same-sex couples in the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that Czech public opinion is massively in favour of marriage equality, the brave (and very patient) activists have to battle conservative politicians, the church and violent right-wing extremists. It’s 2018 and Czesla...

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On These Grounds

After a classroom video of police violence against a black girl goes viral, a heated national debate erupts. Whose fault is it? Was it racist? And why are police officers patrolling US schools anyway? Activist Vivian Anderson uproots her life to help the girl, and also confronts the officer. Several US states have laws...

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The Territory

The small and shrinking indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau people in the Amazon are threatened by land grabbers. They choose 18-year-old Bitaté as their leader, and together with activist Neidinha he is determined not to roll over. But when Jair Bolsonaro becomes president, the forces attacking them get free reign. The Uru-eu-w...

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Women of Valor

Five years inside the movement to open up Israel’s ultra-orthodox political parties for women. Activists Esty Shushan and Estee Rieder Indurski have a wonderful chemistry between them while they tirelessly confront misogyny and ignorance. Inspiring account of an uphill battle. There are 600.000 Haredi (‘ultra-orthodox’...

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Writing With Fire

Independence and bravery personified in the all-female staff of Khabar Lahariya, a newspaper run entirely by Dalit women. Journalists Meera, Suneeta and Shyamkali defy resistance, suspicion and patronising as they report on India’s news from a feminist and Dalit perspective. ‘In our region, being a journalist meant you...

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Czeslaw Walek

Equal rights optimist
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Animates his fight
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Esty Shushan

Demands to be heard
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The Faceless Four

Hong Kong Freedom Fighters
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Meera Devi

Feminist truth hunter
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Memory Banda

Giving girls a choice
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Amazon defender
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Vivian Anderson

Fights for every black girl
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Abdoulaye Diallo

Abdoulaye Diallo is the co-founder and coordinator of the film festival on human rights and freedom of expression, Ciné Droit Libre. He is also a founding member and the current President of the Plateforme Culturelle du Burkina Faso (PCBF).

Celina Escher

Celina Escher is a Swiss-Salvadorean filmmaker based in Sweden. Last year she won the Activist Award for her documentary Fly So Far.

Gerard Steeghs

Gerard Steeghs is Director Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Laura Wennekes

Laura Wennekes works as operational coordinator at PILP-NJCM, a human rights law firm specialising in strategic litigation for human rights in the Netherlands.

Tadeusz Strączek

Tadeusz Strączek is the director of the WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film International Film Festival organised since 2001 in Warsaw, Poland by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.