Eight inspiring documentaries about the work of human rights activists from all over the world. Meet the activists during our festival, where they engage with the public and participate in an impact and networking programme to raise awareness of the film, expand their work and network.

Activist Outreach

With our Activist Outreach programme, we support film screenings in the activists’ home country to raise awareness of the film and their work. You can find more information and an overview of the projects we have supported here.

The Activist programme is organised in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Dalton’s Dream

In 2018, Dalton Harris, a young musician from rural Jamaica became the first Black man to win The X Factor UK. Filmed over four years, this coming-of-age documentary follows Dalton as he struggles for fame, love, and acceptance whilst battling dangerous allegations about his sexuality and spiralling mental health. With...

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Drawing a Line

Portrait of young Indian cartoonist Rachita Taneja, who counters persecution and censorship with humour and honesty. Amid an increasing government crackdown on freedom of speech, she takes on the Hindu-nationalist ideology promoted by the Modi government. Partly animated by Rachita in her minimal, deceptively simple st...

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I Am the River, the River Is Me

Māori tribal leader Ned Tapa takes a group of friends and family on a breathtaking canoe trip down the Whanganui River in Aotearoa, as the Māori call New Zealand. The Whanganui is the first river to be recognized as a legal person. Together, this diverse group of people embraces the spirit of the river and tries to fin...

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A young Êzidî woman survived kidnapping and enslavement by ISIS and goes on a brave quest. For justice, for internal healing, and for her missing parents and brother. Heartbreaking and inspiring. ‘Ever since I returned from ISIS, I falter when I speak,’ Mediha Alhamad says at the beginning of t...

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Of Caravan and the Dogs

Behind the scenes at Russian independent media and NGOs during the war in Ukraine. As the Putin government quickly escalates its suppression of free voices, Novaya Gazeta, Radio Echo of Moscow and Rain TV all try to find ways to keep doing their work. ‘Is it possible to continue working during a military censorsh...

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Our Land, Our Freedom

Kenyan Wanjugu Kimathi has been searching for years for the body of her father: the legendary ‘Mau Mau’ leader Dedan Kimathi, who was hanged by British colonial rulers. On her mission, she meets former Mau Mau fighters and inspiring activists. Her motto: ‘Let the truth be told without fear.’ Wa...

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Phantom Parrot

On his way home from a research trip, civil rights activist Muhammad Rabbani is questioned at the London airport. When he refuses to give the passwords to his electronic devices, he is threatened with imprisonment. Portrait of a dedicated defender of privacy, and of the far-reaching surveillance powers of governments. ...

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We Are Guardians

In the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, a broad cast of characters and perspectives intersect, including those of Indigenous Forest guardians, scientists and illegal loggers. Together they provide an informative and eye-catching portrait of the Amazon and the causes and harms of deforestation. The stakes are high as Mar&cc...

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Dalton Harris

Pushing boundaries to find his voice
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Kirill Martynov

Taming the monster through free journalism
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Media Alhamad

On a quest for healing and justice 
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Muhammad Rabbani

Privacy defender 
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Whanganui River

Guarded by Ned Tapa 
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Puyr Tembé

Reforesting minds
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Rachita Taneja

Telling the truth in just a few clear lines
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Wanjugu Kimathi

Seeks justice for freedom fighters
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Skoll Forum, 2023

Gita Saedi Kiely

Gita Saedi Kiely has been the Director of FilmAid, a global film project, since 2021. Beyond filmmaker trainings, screenings, and mentoring opportunities, FilmAid offers a network to support and build sustainability in the communities we serve. Before FilmAid, she spent decades producing, editing and programming documentary films, primarily with Kartemquin Films. She currently sits on the boards of ITVS and Big Sky Film Institute and is a Grants advisor for The Redford Center.

Joseph Curran

Joseph, an accomplished documentary filmmaker, boasts accolades from prestigious organisations like BIFA and IDA, shortlisted for Best Feature Documentary and Best Debut Feature. His debut, "A STORY OF BONES," funded by BFI/Doc Society and Archers Mark, premiered at Tribeca in 2022. Represented by Cinephil, "A STORY OF BONES" aired on PBS POV in 2023, winning Best Documentary at Zanzibar and Roxbury International Film Festivals. With over a decade's experience in directing, producing, and editing, Joseph delivers cinematic storytelling that captivates while maintaining human authenticity.

Hanne Küpers

Hanne Küpers works at the Multilateral Organisations and Human Rights Department of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2022, where she focuses on the protection of Human Rights Defenders and Civic Space. Prior to this, she worked at the division of Sustainable Development Goals. Before joining the Ministry, Hanne worked for different civil society organisations and in investigative journalism.