Claudia Sparrow

Brave and inspiring Peruvian shepherdess Máxima Acuña takes on a gold-mining giant wanting to remove her from her land. The odds are against her: the company has police backing, and very deep pockets indeed. But they soon find out that Máxima is a force to be reckoned with.

The Yanacocha mining company is responsible for large-scale water pollution in the Cajamarca province in northwestern Peru. But because of corruption and the deep pockets of its owner, the American Newmont Mining Corporation, the company is never held to account. Now Yanacocha wants to expand its operations. There is only one obstacle: a small piece of the land they want to exploit, is owned by Máxima Acuña and her family. And Máxima is not prepared to move.

Máxima is told there is no use in fighting: ‘You are an ant. The mining company is an elephant.’ But although she cannot read, and despite harassment and violence against her and her family, Máxima and her idealistic lawyer stand up to Yanacocha in court. A long battle ensues, filled with danger. As Máxima’s lawyer says: ‘Those in power will do anything to stop you.’

Maxima has been selected for the Activist competition and will be screened at Movies that Matter Festival 2020, where Máxima Acuña will be present as a special guest. 


Claudia Sparrow
Country of production
United States, Peru
88 minutes
Spoken language
English, Spanish
World Sales
Submarine Entertainment