Memory House

Joao Paulo Miranda Maria

Cristovam is an indigenous Brazilian man, being exploited and terrorised by the white people who own the milk factory where he works. In an abandoned house he reconnects with his roots, and slowly begins a metamorphosis. Dreamlike, surrealistic look at systemic racism in Brazil.

Cristovam lives in the poor, rural north of Brazil. When the diary factory where he works is taken over by a xenophobic Austrian family who move it south, Cristovam migrates along. His new boss informs him that his pay will be cut, despite his many years of dedicated service. And that if he dares to complain, his pension will go too. His quiet anger is deepened by the local white youth harassing him, and by watching black girl Jenifer getting close to the white men at the bar.

Alone with his dog in the Austrian enclave, Cristovam – played by veteran Brazilian actor Antônio Pitanga – moves into an abandoned house. It is filled with pictures and objects reminding him of his indigenous roots. As he invokes the spirits looming in the house, Cristovam begins a metamorphosis, empowering him to stand up to the world. Mesmerizing, carefully composed debut by director João Paulo Miranda Maria.


Joao Paulo Miranda Maria
Country of production
Brazil, France
93 minutes
Spoken language
German, Portuguese
World Sales
Celluloid Dreams