Molly Stuart

Atalya is a 19-year-old faced with the biggest dilemma of her life: should she follow the order to enlist in the Israeli army? She doesn’t want to be complicit in the occupation of Palestinian land. But the pressure she faces – both from society and her family – is immense.

Parasite, traitor, coward! Those are some of the expletives directed at Atalya Ben-Abba and her fellow conscientious objectors to army service. Although most Israeli citizens over the age of 18 have to serve – women for 24 months – Atalya refuses. Her parents want her to join. They say it will teach her about the realities of Israeli society. But maybe they’re mostly afraid of what will happen when their daughter is ultimately sent to prison. As the pressure builds, Atalya considers the large price to pay for following her conscience.

Gripping and informative documentary about the role of the army in Israeli society, and a young woman’s search for dialogue and understanding – both between Israeli’s and Palestinians, and within Israeli society itself.

Objector has been selected for the Activist competition and will be screened at Movies that Matter Festival 2020, where Atalya Ben-Abba will be present as a special guest. 


Molly Stuart
Molly Stuart, Daniel Leonard Bernari
Country of production
Israel, Palestine
75 minutes
Spoken language
Arabic, English, Hebrew
World Sales
Java Films