Redemption of General Butt Naked, The

Daniele Anastasion

Absurd portrait of the notorious ‘naked general’ Joshua Blahyi who evangelised after the bloody civil war in Liberia. Now he asks God and the surviving relatives of his victims for redemption.

Butt-naked general Joshua Blahyi is a living legend in the Liberian capital Monrovia. During the fourteen years of civil war this warlord put up a terrible and bloody fight in his birthday suit, killing some 20,000 people, according to his own estimates. After the war he converted to Christianity, founded a family and became an evangelist. The camera follows the former general leading divine services and visiting victims. At the same time, the film portrays life in post-war Liberia, where civilians have to face former warriors every day. The Liberians can hardly believe their eyes when they see the general preaching about God and redemption in the street. Surviving relatives and others who were involved tell their personal story in interviews. Some make critical comments on his transformation. Are his remorse and conversion sincere? Does he really want to pay back a debt to Liberia by providing relief to his former soldiers? And how far does his loyalty stretch?


Daniele Anastasion
Liberia, United States
85 minutes
courts & tribunals, transitional justice, crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide, political killings & disappearances, repair & reconciliation, truth commissions & historical investigation, war & armed conflict