Sergio & Sergei

Ernesto Daranas Serrano

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuban amateur radio operator Sergio accidentally contacts the cosmonaut Sergei, who is stranded in space. He is stuck there because no one wants to retrieve him anymore. Based on the true story of the special friendship between a Cuban amateur radio operator and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikaljov.

When the Soviet Union crumbled in the early 1990s, its collapse had far-reaching consequences for Cuba: the USSR was the biggest economic supporter of the country. For Sergio in Cuba, this was a slap in the face. He had studied Marxism at Moscow University and is a communist in heart and soul. But he cannot live off his ideals: his meagre salary as a teacher is hardly enough to make ends meet, as he is the sole provider and has to take care of his mother and daughter.

Sergio maintains secret contact with an American radio enthusiast, who occasionally sends him money, presents and a new radio. One night on his brand-new set-up, he is suddenly makes accidental contact with a Russian space station and with lonely cosmonaut Sergei. Sergei has just been told that the plan to bring him back to Earth has been postponed due to lack of money and political matters. From space, Sergei follows the news about the collapse of the Soviet era and starts a friendship with Sergio. To be able to help his new friend, Sergio must put his ideals aside and engage in civil disobedience.


Ernesto Daranas Serrano
Country of production
Spain, Cuba
93 minutes
Spoken language
English, Russian, Spanish
Production company
World Sales
Westend Films