Sam Soko

Sick and tired of the corruption and tribal hatred in Kenyan politics, news photographer Boniface Mwangi decides to run for a seat in parliament. His wife Njeri is skeptical, especially when the family has to start fearing for its safety. Intimate portrait of a political dreamer on the campaign trail.

Boniface Mwangi made his name as a fearless news photographer in 2007, when he captured – in graphic detail – the tribal violence that followed the presidential elections that year. Disgusted that the same politicians who incited the violence kept their positions of power, Mwangi more and more becomes politically active.

‘I can’t stand politicians,’ Mwangi says. Of course, that makes it interesting to see him trying to become one. Softie follows him during his unconventional political campaign for a parliamentary seat. With many fascinating scenes from the campaign trail, from people wanting money in exchange for their vote, to scary death threats. Also starring the good-natured campaign manager Khadija, who desperately – and with great comic effect – tries to get Mwangi to focus. When his wife Njeri and their children find asylum in the United States, Mwangi’s political struggle is joined by another one: that for the survival of his marriage.

Softie has been selected for the Activist competition and is shown as a preview at the Movies that Matter Festival 2020, where Boniface Mwangi will be present as a special guest.


Sam Soko
Toni Kamau
Country of production
96 minutes
Spoken language
English, Swahili
Production company
LightBox Africa
World Sales
Eye Steel Film