Carte Blanche

Heidi Specogna

Investigators from the International Criminal Court are in the Central African Republic, one of the most dangerous places on earth, to collect evidence for the court case brought against former rebel leader Jean-Pierre Bemba. Meanwhile, the public prosecutors back in The Hague prepare to present their case.

When François Bozizé started a putch against president Patassé in the Central African Republic in 2002, Jean Pierre Bemba rose up as the leader of the militant rebels from the neighbouring country of Congo. He gave his MLC rebel forces carte blanche to murder, rape and plunder as they pleased. The successful businessman and senator in the Congo government is one of the first army commanders to be tried for his alleged responsibility for the systematic rape of civilians by his soldiers. From his cell in The Hague, he is making ceramic cups and dishes for his family, who are living in a luxurious residence in Belgium awaiting his day in court. Bemba’s arrest brings renewed hope to the African victims, hope that justice will previal. The filmmakers who worked on Carte Blanche were granted unique access to the ICC investigation concerning Bemba for the purposes of this project.



Heidi Specogna
Peter Spoerri
Country of production
Switzerland, Germany
91 minutes
Spoken language
English, French, German, Spanish
Production company
World Sales
PS Film GmbH