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6 films about climate and activism

Are you looking for more films about climate and activism after the On Tour film Deep Rising? We tip six films that explore the ravages of climate change and show the unyielding spirit of activists fighting against powerful economic interests. by Editorial Staff 29 January, 2024

The documentary Deep Rising reveals the detrimental impact of deep-sea mining on our environment, ecosystems and various indigenous communities. This film offers a fascinating exploration of the geopolitical, business and scientific forces behind the extraction of metals from the ocean floor. These metals are essential for today’s electric battery technology. As companies shift their investments from oil and gas to deep-sea mining, Deep Rising calls for reflection on why we should prioritise renewable resources to meet our growing energy needs. The film poignantly reminds us that the seabed is humanity’s shared heritage, and highlights the urgent need to make responsible decisions for future generations.

Climate and activism at the Movies that Matter Festival
Movies that Matter has screened numerous films dealing with climate issues and activism over the years. These films, with their compelling stories and visually impressive narratives, explore the complexity of the struggle against powerful economic interests. From the front lines of protests to the heart of pristine landscapes, filmmakers use their cameras to capture both the devastation caused by climate change and the indomitable spirit of those determined to protect their country.

Check out our tip list for more inspiring films
We have compiled a list of streamable films* screened at our festival that highlight the topic of climate and activism from different perspectives and countries. These films provoke thought, challenge us to consider our role in the fight for a sustainable future and call for action against one of the biggest challenges of our time.

*Some films may not be available through the links above if you are outside the Netherlands.