The must-see films as recommended by Mandy Woelkens

As our program offers so many wonderful films, we understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming for you as a visitor. To give you a helping hand, we’ve asked some well-known influencers to share which films they’re excited about at this festival. Today, we turn to Mandy Woelkens. She is a presenter, podcast host, and editor-in-chief of LINDA.meiden. Since January she’s also the presenter of the inspiring journalistic feel-good show Met Mandy! on NPO1, in which she takes her listeners on an enlightening journey full of resilience, rethinking and people who make a difference.

Mandy makes societal themes discussable in an accessible manner. She stands for inclusivity and aims to inspire people to embrace their authentic selves. She openly discusses feminism, gender equality, sexuality, and diversity. We asked her about the 3 films/specials she’s most looking forward to at #MtMF24.

Shorts: Wind of Resistance

Various Directors, 2024

Let me tell you about a program that has captured my attention: Wind of Resistance. It’s a short program filled with powerful stories of people resisting injustice and fighting for freedom. For instance, the short film The Voice of Others, where a Tunisian interpreter freely translates migrants’ stories to increase their chances of asylum. Then there’s Full Night, in which a woman bravely hides weapons for the resistance during one of the darkest periods in history, World War II.

The Black Pete Files – Special: Herdenking slavernijverleden

Festus Toll, 2023

On Friday, March 29th, there will be a special double film screening dedicated to the Commemoration Year of Slavery History. Part of this is the short film The Black Pete Files, in which the creator examines the evolution of Black Pete through historical archival footage. I already feel that this documentary will deeply resonate with me.

But more than that, I hope this film contributes to bidding farewell to Black Pete. I believe that The Black Pete Files can be an important step in that direction. The creator of this film will participate in a panel discussion after the screening with Peggy Brandon (who will also open the program with a keynote) and Marlon Titre.

Eternal You

Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck, 2024

The film Eternal You explores how artificial intelligence rejuvenates our connection with deceased loved ones. This challenges me to contemplate the human cost we pay for technological advancement. It raises crucial questions about the boundaries of ethics and the dark side of our insatiable desire for eternity.