The must-see films as recommended by Mooncake

As our program offers so many wonderful films, we understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming for you as a visitor. To give you a helping hand, we’ve asked some well-known influencers to share which films they’re excited about at this festival. Today, we turn to Jonneke de Zeeuw, also known as Mooncake, a self-proclaimed serial eater and food pimp.

On her platform Mooncake, she shares where you must eat before leaving the planet. In the Netherlands, she showcases how impressive our culinary landscape has become, and on, Jonneke provides an independent platform for exceptional food entrepreneurs. Through her work, Jonneke indulges in a variety of cuisines and encounters the numerous food cultures that the Netherlands has to offer. While food is a significant part of her work, equally important are the stories of the people behind it. We asked her about the four films she’s most looking forward to at the MtMF24.

I Shall Not Hate

Tal Barda, 2024

I’m intrigued by I Shall Not Hate because its subject matter is more relevant than ever, and the conflict it addresses is causing a lot of division. This film seems to me particularly unifying because of the Palestinian doctor who, despite everything he has experienced, continues to strive for peace. It’s remarkable that he almost transcends humanity by refusing to succumb to hatred. We can certainly take inspiration from what this man has achieved in his life.


Hasan Oswald, 2023

The film Mediha caught my attention because it explores how someone deals with profound events. It fascinates me that someone so young, who has experienced so much, can still be so courageous and brave. This film also seems hopeful to me. Mediha makes the decision to confront the person responsible for her suffering. Many people would avoid this confrontation and shut themselves off, but she faces the challenge head-on. I am very curious about this remarkable girl and wonder what makes her so courageous.

Grand Me

Atiye Zare Arandi, 2024

It’s touching to read that the main character is only 9 years old and already making an immensely mature decision: initiating a custody case against her parents. It piques my curiosity about how a 9-year-old arrives at such a decision. Additionally, I’m intrigued by the potential effect on the film when a close relative, the aunt, is the one filming this story. I suspect there will be a touch of humor in the film, with scenes to enjoy, such as painting her grandpa’s nails. It seems like a bittersweet film, where the actions of this 9-year-old girl will undoubtedly be moving.

Four Daughters

Kaouther Ben Hania, 2023

While I’ve read a lot about IS, I’m not yet familiar with the perspective from within the family. The film Four Daughters seems to offer a unique angle, focusing on the history of this family. I hope it provides me with a deeper insight into the daughters’ choices, the role of the mother, and that through this, I can better understand their decisions.