The must-see films as recommended by TROBBIES

With our programme offering so many great films, we understand it might be overwhelming for you as a visitor. To lend a hand, we’ve asked some well-known influencers which films they’re curious about at this festival. Today, it’s Thomas Brouwer’s turn, tattoo artist and owner of the renowned Hague tattoo studio, Team TROBBIES Tattoo. We asked him about the 5 films he’s most looking forward to at #MtMF24.

As a film enthusiast, TROBBIES embraces the creative masterpieces of director Yorgos Lanthimos. Yet, you can also rouse him for the nerve-wracking suspense of thrillers, heartwarming tales of feel-good movies, and films that shed light on the complexity of family ties.


Bálint Révész, Dávid Mikulán, 2024

This film caught my attention because the filmmaker spent ten years following the life of this boy, without knowing how his life would unfold. Eventually, the boy turns out to become an enemy of the people. It raises questions: why and how did this happen? It also intrigues me because I understood that the director’s filmmaking style changes during these ten years. I’m curious about the impact that has on the film.

We are Guardians

Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman, 2023

The Amazon is our lungs, and I’m looking forward to the story of these courageous individuals who are dedicated to its defense. In a time when environmental protection is so crucial, it’s essential that we all do our part in preserving the planet. I hope this film makes an inspiring contribution to that cause.


Christopher Zalla, 2023

This film not only feels like a feel-good story, but also like a ray of light in these turbulent times. I admire people who dare to step outside the conventional norms. The story of the teacher in Mexico who breaks away from traditional teaching methods and adopts an entirely new approach sounds like a source of inspiration and innovation.

I Shall Not Hate

Tal Barda, 2024

This film tells the story of a doctor from Gaza. His story deeply touches me and makes me reflect on how one can move forward in life after such profound events, and how it’s possible to remain positive in the face of such challenges. It seems like a touching and inspiring film that raises important questions about resilience and hope.

Zonen zonder vaders

Tessa Louise Pope, 2024

This documentary touches on the theme of family ties, particularly focusing on sons growing up without fathers. It seems like a topic that resonates with many people personally, and it’s a documentary in Dutch. That’s also what I find appealing about it.