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From 26 to 28 March, Dutch celebrities show their favourite from the festival programme.

Emerging alternative artist, producer, director and songwriter Naaz will show Mediha (Hasan Oswald) on Tuesday 26 March, about a young Yazidi woman who survived kidnapping and enslavement by ISIS and goes on a brave quest. For justice, for internal healing, and for her missing parents and brother. Heartbreaking and inspiring.

On Wednesday 27 March, we watch The Mother of All Lies with presenter Nadia Moussaid where young Moroccan filmmaker Asmae El Moudir dives into her family’s past. In a miniature Casablanca, her family and friends help her to unravel the disturbing lies from her childhood.

MP Esmah Lahlah will introduce Radical (Christopher Zalla) on Thursday 28 March. This feature film is set in a Mexican border town plagued by neglect, corruption, and violence, a frustrated teacher tries a radical new method to break through his students’ apathy and unlock their curiosity, their potential… and maybe even their genius. Based on a true story.


Tuesday 26 March, 20:15 - 22:30
Naaz: Mediha Theater aan het Spui - Kleine Zaal
Wednesday 27 March, 20:15 - 22:36
Nadia Moussaid: The Mother of All Lies Theater aan het Spui - Kleine Zaal
Thursday 30 March, 19:45 - 22:22
Esmah Lahlah: Radical Filmhuis Den Haag - Zaal 1