The must-see films as recommended by De Kiesmannen

With our programme offering so many wonderful films, we understand that it can be overwhelming for you as a visitor. To lend you a helping hand, we’ve reached out to some well-known tastemakers to see which films they’re looking forward to at this festival. Today, we turn to Jochem Jordaan and Dylan Ahern from De Kiesmannen.

De Kiesmannen is a creative agency for societal impact, founded in 2017 by Jochem (29) and Dylan (30). They create immersive theater shows, campaigns, and educational programs to engage young people in politics. During elections, they launch major productions to encourage youth voter turnout. They’ve previously performed to sold-out crowds at Paradiso, Tivoli, and Stadsschouwburg Groningen. This year, they’ll be touring with their Great Europe Show around the European Elections, appearing in many theaters and music venues. We asked them about the four films they’re most excited to see at the MtMF24:

”In our view, these are all films that place the courageous individual at the forefront. They depict individuals who dare to venture beyond conventional paths, often swimming against the tide, risking the loss of status, family, or even their own lives.

We’ve selected films that illustrate how the struggle for democracy and freedom persists worldwide. Particularly in a year when half the world heads to the polls (including India, Russia, the US, EU), this might seem like a positive development. However, the reality is quite different: democracy and human rights are under pressure everywhere, especially in places where voting occurs.

These films also demonstrate that democracy extends beyond elections. This is something we sometimes seem to forget in the ‘well-regulated’ Netherlands. A healthy democracy also entails the ability to protest, a free press, equal pay for women, and so forth. Let’s draw inspiration and courage from these films.”

De Wereld van Carlijn,

Ariane Greep, 2023

Lonely Oaks

Fabiana Fragale, Kilian Kuhlendahl, Jens Mühlhoff, 2023

Shorts: Wind of Resistance

Diverse regisseurs, 2024


Ivan Ostrochovský en Pavol Pekarčík, 2023